WHO WE ARE: Christians

We're just a group of Christians serving the Lord, trying to get to heaven, and bringing as many souls with us as we can.

While we were still sinners, God showed His love for us by sending Jesus to live and die for us. God raised Jesus from the dead. Now He is in Heaven preparing a place for us. God’s grace and mercy give us the hope of living in Heaven with Him.

We as Christians in Waxahachie simply try to live within God’s will. God’s love compels us to love,  serve and give Him the glory in all we do. Living in opposition to sin presents many challenges, but we are not without help. Just as Christians met in the New Testament, the church that meets today in Waxahachie provides Biblical teaching, encouragement, love and the opportunity to grow with others in a closer relationship with God.

waxahachie church of christ



Christians at the Waxahachie church of Christ believe in God’s word, the Bible; we have no man-made creed.  We depend on God’s word for instruction in righteousness, whether that instruction involves character building or doctrinal matters. 

We regard the Bible as literal truth and have a uniform respect for its entirety, including the concrete statements concerning the creation and resurrection, as well as the abstract language seen in the parables of Jesus and in prophetic writings. 

Also, we regard the Bible as the authority for all that we do. The Waxahachie Church of Christ is independent and undenominational.   We are not linked to other congregations in any religious hierarchy.  We are a local congregation, as designed by Christ.  

waxahachie church of christ

OUR PURPOSE: Glorifying God

Our purpose as a church is to do what Christ intended the local church to do.  We strive to serve God and help one another do the same.  We evangelize, that is, teach lost souls about salvation in Jesus Christ.  We assemble weekly to worship God together.  In these assemblies, we encourage one another spiritually.  And we care for each other’s needs. Our hope is that in all things, God may be glorified. 

waxahachie church of christ

You’re Invited


Please consider this a personal invitation to come study God’s word together.  

 Meet Christians striving to grow closer to God each day, and join us as we worship God with joy and reverence.